Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TV Reviews for the Week of Nov. 23, 2008 Pt. 1

Jack Bauer is back! Yeah!!!!!! This is one of the most unrealistic and ridiculous shows that has been on TV in the last, what, 6 years? But damn, the action, the suspense, the backstabbing…it’s riveting. This was a very good teaser for the new season in January. It was very much a stand-alone story, where you didn’t have to know anything about Jack or his past. But it’s very good at making you want to come back in January to see how it ends up. What’s going to happen to Jack? What’s going to happen with the coup and who are the Americans that are funding it? Why did the outgoing President not consult with the President Elect since everything transpired within hours of her inauguration? These are the questions that’ll bring me back in January. These and the fact that Jack kicks much ass: lobbing dynamite, stabbing people, withstanding torture and red-hot machetes, and killing people with one leg.

So now Riley is from the future, too? Damn, John just can’t catch a break. I think having Cromartie as the mouthpiece for John Henry is a good idea. That’ll end up creeping people out.

Who knew transporting a bride to a wedding could be so hazardous? That part of the episode was good, but it seemed to be going through the motions. The meat of the show was actually what was going on back home. Bob and Kim are working together to see what’s going on with Kim’s employer. He’s now got Bob working for him, and he’s trying to get into Kim’s pants. Oh, and his last nanny just turned up dead. Hmm.

“I’m so excited right now that I’m sporting a yule log.”

I’m not much of a Christmas special kind of guy, but I’m very much a Stephen Colbert kind of guy, so this is a no-brainer for me. The one thing I’m not enjoying is the laugh track. I’m actually just into this for Stephen and his persona’s un-PC views. I can actually do without the guests (well, Jon Stewart can stay) and musical numbers. Okay, Willie Nelson as a wise man with the gift of pot was pretty funny, and the song was pretty damn good. And the Jon Stewart bit, and John Legend’s nutmeg. Maybe I dismissed the songs too quickly. I think I’m going to have to get the soundtrack for this. This version of Peace, Love and Understanding probably tops A Perfect Circle’s version as my favorite.

Yet another excellent Sheldon episode. I actually expected him to ruin Leonard’s relationship, but kudos to Sheldon. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m glad they quickly dropped the Leonard/Penny thing. It’s actually probably better for the show that they went and got through it early on so it wouldn’t rear up and destroy the show during later seasons.

“You already broke my heart. Is it necessary for you to shoot it, too?”

Converse to the Leonard/Penny situation in Big Bang Theory, I really want Chuck and Sarah to end up together. You know what they say, “The family that spies together, stays together,” or something like that. I will miss seeing Jordana Brewster, though. I’m sure she’ll rear her gorgeous head again.

This was probably the funniest episode of the season so far. I just wish I had an opportunity to use the naked man. Hell, I guess if Lily can use it, so can I.

This season may actually surpass the first season in its greatness. Of course, it doesn’t take much to top the crap that they gave us last year. Every time there has been a double-cross or a new trick pulled out of a random hat, it’s made perfect sense. ALL the guys in the vault with Scilla (sp?) when it only looks like Michael is there. Agent Self showing his true colors. That lady turning out to be that guy’s daughter (yeah, so I don’t know EVERYONE’S name). Good acting, good stories, good twists…I’m looking forward to what is coming next for our heroes.

Good but average episode. Mohinder and his cocoon was disgusting. I’m interested in seeing how everyone gets their powers back, whether it’s natural or if it’s Mohinder.

Oh, that’s awesome. I always wondered how you set a swimming pool on fire. And who didn’t see the confrontation with the preacher coming (pun slightly intended)? I was surprised that they went and got the wedding finished this episode. It makes me wonder if there are any other episodes left, because they seemed to gloss over a lot of possible misadventures at the reception.

“I just got an erection.”

Normally I’d rail on a show using a clever device more than once within months of each other, especially when it’s the first season for the show. But they used the memory tank thingy differently this time with different results. Nice. And once again I’m floored by Walter and his social ignorance. As for the science, well, Eleventh Hour used the hallucinogenic frog trick earlier…but not near as well.

Andre 3000 is a good actor. Too bad we won’t get more of him against Aceveda. From the beginning of this episode I had this horrible thought of Shane killing his wife, killing his kid, then killing himself. His frame of mind, the choices he has left, I have no doubt that he would do it. As I type this I’m only an hour into the episode with 45 minutes left. I’d like to think I was wrong, but I don’t think it’s going to go that way. Shit. And it looks like I wasn’t wrong. Dammit. But I couldn’t see any other way out of it. After Vic told him he and Ronnie had immunity, it was all over. I just hope Vic doesn’t take care of the Ronnie situation by taking him out. I know Vic is the “hero” of this story, but I hope he doesn’t get off scott free. His family is gone, so that’s one thing, but Shane was right…he’s not the high and mighty family man that he claims to be. Oh holy crap Vic is in Hell. A cubicle, a desk, a suit, no weapon, no family, no friends, no contacts…Shane’s option may look pretty viable right now. At the end, you could see him weighing all of his options until it hit him…this is the best it will get for him.

Fuck the Sopranos. There, I said it. Fuck the Sopranos. You want a superb drama with a bad guy at the center, something that hits every episode with top-notch acting, great stories, and believable characters, start renting (or heck, it’ll be worth your money to buy them) each and every season of The Shield until you’re done watching it. Then go back and watch it again, because Tony Soprano ain’t got shit on Vic Mackey, and Christopher Montisani (sp?) ain’t got shit on Shane Vandrel. I only wish I could watch this for the first time again. It was so good that I want to get amnesia, forget I ever saw it, then watch the whole damn thing all over again. Fuck the Sopranos.

This may sound mean, but this is the best I’ve ever seen Clea Duvall look. She actually looks pretty, rather than mannish in Heroes, The Faculty or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This episode was a bit tricksy. One murder leads to another one that happened decades ago. It was some good writing that, at the end, paralleled the older woman with Clea’s character. Judith Light scares me. She needs to eat a burger or something.

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