Monday, November 24, 2008

Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Nov. 12, 2008 (On-Going Series)

Action Comics #871

It seems like every five years or so I start picking up the Superman titles again, only to drop them in less than a year. This time it was the New Krypton storyline that brought me back in. I’m actually surprised I haven’t jumped in sooner since the books have Geoff Johns and James Robinson writing the stories with Alex Ross providing covers. But the New Krypton stuff brought me back. I want to see what happens when the Earth has to cope with 100,000 Supermen. I wasn’t too terribly lost with this issue. It seems like every time I pick the books back up, Brainiac looks different. I’m sure I’ll read the back issues at some point. General Lane shot Luthor. That was cool. And Agent Liberty is still alive? How is that possible? I would have figured he would have been cannon fodder a long time ago. And it was nice seeing Doomsday getting his evolving ass handed to him by a small army of Kryptonians. I’ll definitely stick around for a few more months.

Amazing Spider-Man #577

My favorite Spider-Man/Punisher team-up is when Garth Ennis brought him in for an issue of his Marvel Knights on-going series. Hilarious. This one wasn’t bad. I’m starting to enjoy Zeb Wells. He seems to have just as good of a handle on the Spider-verse as the other writers on the series. I’m not as big of a fan of Paolo Rivera. Actually, it was just his Spider-Man that I didn’t care for that much, but he’s the title character, so that’s kind of important. I hope we’re close to seeing the end of this Spider Tracer Killer sub-plot. It’s gone on long enough, I think.

Booster Gold #s 13 and 14

"M-magic hand! A magic hand took my freeze-gun!!"
"Thank you, magic hand."

I don’t know how I missed last month’s issue, but I did. It looks like we’ve got a new creative team here: Rick Remender and Pat Olliffe. Sounds like it should be a solid team. Halfway through issue 13, I was thinking that this felt a lot like the most recent Atom series, and then who should show up but Chronos and Lady Chronos, whom I last saw in The All-New Atom. This was a great start for Rick and Pat. They immediately jumped into a world conqueror and managed to take Rip out of the picture so all the focus can be on Booster. Good call. Okay, pretty much because of the magic hand scene, Remender has sold me. He’s perfect for this book. This little two-parter really showed us how he’s going to handle Booster, and I think it’ll be great.

Captain Britain and MI-13 #7

"Lady J, I like the way you fight. Promise I won’t kill you. Until we’re out of this."

This has been a surprise hit (for me, at least) springing out of Secret Invasion. I think it’s so awesome when I can pick up a book at random and a writer can just blow me away with great stories about characters I’ve never cared about. This issue see Brian getting his fondest wish, having Meggan back. But his insane brother Jamie returns, and I have no idea if that’s part of his dream or if Jamie is somehow snapping him out of this. Or if Meggan will eventually come back with him when this is all over. Also, there’s a small matter of the Black Knight not actually having the Ebony Blade. I don’t know what that means, but I remember a small kerfluffle a few years ago regarding the Blade and the Black Panther and there being two blades floating around the Marvel Universe. I guess we’ll get the final answer to that next issue.

Fables #78

"But, Miss Beauty, this wasn’t the usual poop! It was all wet and messy and explosive even! It’s splattered everywhere."

Ah, Buffkin. Even flying monkeys have a fascination with poop. Boy Blue sure has had a rough time of it. Red Riding Hood wasn’t really Red Riding Hood, Rose Red wasn’t into him like he was into her, and now he’s lost an arm. Sucks to be him. The backup story was just...weird.

Fallen Angel #31

"As for were right the first time. You are just a bitch."

I like that the farther we get into the story, David is throwing more and more Biblical references in here. It makes sense since Lee is ACTUALLY a Fallen Angel. We also got a lot of information here concerning the roles of various characters, specifically the original sinners.

Ghostbusters #2

"You got beat up by conjoined twins in high school?"

Eh, it’s okay. I think I enjoyed the first issue more just because I hadn’t even watched the movies in so long, it brought back some memories. But really, this isn’t anything that hasn’t been done over in Marvel or DC before.

Gravel #6

"I’m sorry I had to kill your special magic daddy."

I thought Ellis’ idea for Gravel, a combat magician, was brilliant. If there’s magic in the world, why WOULDN’T a government put it to a military use? This issue sees Gravel coming to terms with his inheritance after killing Royston. He gets money, he gets an estate, and he gets a semi-trained group of fighters, and he wants none of it. I can’t necessarily say I’d make the same choice.

Green Lantern Corps #30

I thought the Zamarons were relatively human looking females,. These are not the Zamarons I remember from the Millennium crossover from two decades ago. Peter Tomasi is doing a great job of showing that the Guardians have blinders on when it comes to their cause, just as the Zamarons do with theirs. So now another directive, one that prohibits relationships between Green Lanterns, will be written into the book of Oa. Oh, the Guardians are just bringing this war upon themselves.

Sir Apropos of Nothing #1

"The man in black fled across the desert."

I’ll buy just about any comic with Peter David’s name on it. As for his books, I’ve only read two (both of the Imzadi ones), but I’ve been meaning to get a hold of the Sir Apropos books. Now I can about him in comic book form. Okay, the first page? Any reader of the Dark Tower books or people who read the first issue of Peter’s adaptation of the Gunslinger will find it hilarious. From the first two pages we’re already getting Peter’s love of wordplay. I have high hopes for the rest of the book. Heh, the Aybee Sea. And the ending recalled more of the Gunslinger. Very nice. Peter has won me over again. I’ll be back next month for the next installment.

The Walking Dead #54

"The thing about smart mother fuckers is that sometimes, they sound like crazy mother fuckers to stupid mother fuckers...I hope you guys aren’t a bunch of stupid mother fuckers...because Eugene here sure as fuck ain’t crazy."

I don’t remember quite so many f-bombs before in this book. But we’re finally getting back on track. Now, with the group joining up with the people heading to D.C., the book has a purpose again. It was too boring, too same-old same-old when they were just sitting around at the prison. Now they’ve got a purpose, some new characters, and we may find out how this all happened. Oooh, something to look forward to! That hasn’t happened in a while!

Titans #7

Okay, that’s just stupidity on the part of the Titans. Since he returned in Teen Titans, Jericho has been nothing but a villain. I still can’t tell if this comes before or after DC Universe: Decisions. If it’s after, that means that the end of Decisions ruined the end of this and the Titans will retrap Jericho in Match and ship them back to Star Labs. If it’s before, then Jericho was still bad and the Titans shouldn’t have trusted him. I call this very sloppy writing since Winnick wrote (or was at least co-writer) of both books.

Trinity #24

"Air is for cowards!"

It looks like we’re finally on our way to seeing the fixing of Earth, now that the "trinity" of the JSA are somewhat back in their own minds. And there’s still more villainy goodness to be had in the back-up, with Krona taking John Stewart, and Despero and Kanjar Ro about to form an alliance with the "trinity" from the Crime Syndicate of Amerika.

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Thea said...

Fables--Random note: I love the cover, but it certainly looks different from the other covers thus far. And...I don't think there's ever been an issue of this comic that I haven't loved.

I hadn't seen the Sir Apropos comic! I'll definitely have to check it out this week. (And yeah, Peter David is the shiznit, both in comics and in prose novels--I just recently read his YA novel, Tigerheart, which is made of awesome)

Rob Rosenblatt said...

Very different and very creepy. I had forgotten all about Baba Yaga. I'm going to have to do some back issue reading.

I really do need to start reading PAD's books. I don't think I could just jump into the Star Trek stuff, but Tigerheart and the Sir Apropos books would probably be excellent. They'll have to take their place behind the first Twilight book, though, which my wife is making me read (since she's ended up reading a number of books that I've suggested).

beau said...

I was about to reprimand a certain someone for not letting me "borrow" a certain book, then, lo and behold, I do find it in a specified folder on a certain network. Way ahead of me, sir.

Rob Rosenblatt said...

I'll just let it slide that I told you about it last week.

Oh...look what I did there.


Kate said...

Oh Bob, don't bother with Twilight. Read my review, or I can summarize it in about three sentences for you.

Ana and Thea did a great review of Tigerheart and I still haven't read it - though Imzadi is winking at me from one of my many book-filled tabletops. I really need to read more Peter David.

Rob Rosenblatt said...

I promised Angie I'd read it, so I guess I've gotta. From what I understand, it shouldn't take me all that long to read.