Thursday, November 6, 2008

Buckcherry - Black Butterfly (CD Review)

This album is nothing but a couple of good singles and a bunch of filler material. To me, Buckcherry works best when they’re working with a driving, lyrically immature song. They caught my attention with Crazy Bitch on their last album. With this one it was Too Drunk. And with both songs, I can zone out during the entire song except for the chorus (I’m getting’ drunk all night/I’m getting’ drunk all day/I’m getting’ drunk all night/I’ve just got to say…I’m too drunk to fuck), and then I zone out again. Crazy Bitch was the same way. Talk to Me and A Child Called It might be the only two other songs on the CD I’d give any time to. When the songs turn a bit serious, when the tone is dialed down a bit, the guitar and beats are still usually up, and they don’t mix well. Then there’s the cover of the jazz standard All of Me. Lead singer Josh Todd’s vocals don’t fit the song, the arrangement doesn’t fit the song, and the band in general doesn’t fit the song.

My recommendation would be to bypass the album and just buy a track or two from iTunes if you really feel you must.

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