Friday, May 18, 2012

What You Should Have Watched #16

(or Shows That I Might Watch Next Season)

The major networks have announced their line-ups for the 2012-2013 season. Here’s a quick run-down of what I’ll probably be tuning into. I’m not going to list the proposed air dates/times, because a LOT of things can happen between now and the fall. I will, however, provide the preview clips that the networks produced for the new shows.

Here are the returning shows I’ll be watching:

Community is back for 13 episodes. On Friday nights with Whitney.
30 Rock will have a final season of 13 episodes.



Rules of Engagement (Only one that hasn’t been renewed or cancelled)


The League        




Comedy Central

HD Network


Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones
True Blood

Magic City

Here are the new shows I’m going to give a shot:

I’ll give “Vegas” an episode. I like Dennis Quaid, and I like Michael Chiklis, and Carrie Anne Moss isn’t all that bad. I LOVED Chicklis as an anti-hero in the Shield, and now he’s playing an out-and-out villain, so I hope he can pull it off. CBS seems to be a “safe” network, and I don’t know he’ll be able to pass the Vic Mackey litmus test of evilness.

Although I have yet to watch Sherlock (it’s on my to-do list for this summer), I don’t WANT to like the reimagining of the character in “Elementary.” It just seems so….wrong. But I like Lucy Liu and Aiden Quinn, and Johnny Lee Miller looks pretty decent in the preview clip. So I’m going to give it an episode. Why the hell not.

 So the guy who brought us “Terriers,” “The Unit,” and “The Shield” has a new show on ABC? I don’t need to hear anymore, I’m already setting my DVR. Also, Beau Johnson, a random homeless man I bought a paper (The Contributor) from on the corner on my way to work this morning, had this to say about “Last Resort”: “It sound like ‘The A-Team’ in a sub.”

The only reason, the ONLY reason, that I’m going to give “Nashville” one episode is Connie Britton. You might know her better as Mrs. Coach Taylor from “Friday Night Lights,” or you might know her from last season FX show “American Horror Story.” She is a dream to watch, so whatever she’s in will garner at least a one-episode commitment from me. Now, while I wouldn’t watch a show BECAUSE of her, I will say that I’m looking forward to seeing more of Hayden Panettiere. And I’m positive that I saw Charles Esten, who I haven’t seen since “Who’s Line Is It Anyways,” as a character in the show, but he’s not listed on IMDB as being on the show, so I’m confused. Also, somebody said this is pretty much the plot of Country Strong. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t comment.

I’ll be watching “How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)” because of Sarah Chalke, the same reason I watched Mad Love last year. Ugh. That was a bad one, even with Judy Greer and Tyler Labine. This one looks a little better.

Have you seen The Devil’s Advocate? Did you wonder about the other people who lived in Al Pacino’s building? That’s what “666 Park Avenue” looks like. It stars Terry O’Quinn, and he seems to be channeling the more manipulative aspects of John Locke in order to play the devil. I’m in.

The Family Tools” has two things going for it: J.K. Simmons and Kyle Bornheimer. And Adam Arkin isn’t a slouch in the acting department either. Sitcoms are easier for me to add or remove from my schedule than dramas, so if one has a weak premise (this) but actors I enjoy, I’ll give it more than one episode to find its footing.


The Mindy Project” looks like it could be fun. It’s got Ed Helms and Bill Hader in the pilot, so that’s good, and I liked Richard Schiff in “The West Wing” and “House of Lies,” so his inclusion here is also good. After watching her in “The Office” for eight years, I just hope I can separate Mindy Kaling from her character Kelly Kapoor.

A serial killer mystery starring Kevin Bacon? Why yes, “The Following,” I will watch you. And I agree with what Dustin Rowles at Warming Glow said about the show, “The actually does look like an FX show that Fox stole from them.”

Ben and Kate” looks corny, but the trailer had me chuckling, so I’ll give it an episode or two. I’m slightly disappointed that Lucy Punch left the “Powers” pilot in order to do this.

The Mob Doctor” gets one episode to win me over. I’m not a huge Michael Rappaport fan, so that’s going against it, but I do like Jordana Spiro and Zeljko Ivanek, and hey! Lookit that! QB1 is in it. Maybe this’ll get two episodes from me.

You’re killin’ me here, Scott Foley. “The Goodwin Games” does NOT look good at all, but you’re a damn good actor. Why are you doing this? Why are you making me watch something that’ll hopefully be cancelled quickly (and the premise suggests it should have no life after one episode). At least there’s some eye candy (Becki Newton) as I watch this crash and burn (if it actually airs…it’s scheduled as a mid-season replacement).

If Justin Kirk is going to be starring in “Animal Practice” next season, does that me he was the one killed at the end of “Weed’s” season finale? Boo. He and the prospect of seeing Mary Louise Parker’s boobs were pretty much the only things keeping me interested in the show. So, this new one looks funny. I’m in. And hey, Tyler Labine is back.

Revolution” looks like it has promise. Just like “FlashForward” did. Just like “The Event” did. Just like “Jericho” did. Although it looks good, I don’t have high hopes for it lasting more than a season. Genre shows like this don’t typically last long on NBC. If I end up liking the show, this’ll be the only NBC drama that I’ll be watching.

Matthew Perry is back in the game with another sit-com. I wish him luck, and I’ll be tuning in to “Go On.” Granted, the guy plays Chandler Bing in everything he does, but I like Chandler, so that’s why I watch everything he does.

The preview clip for “1600 Penn” had nothing to do with the synopsis I read. The synopsis sounds horrible (“Jenna Elfman as a step-mother in the White House married to the President [Bill Pullman] trying to win over the kids). The clip looks pretty funny. I’ll give it a shot.

I’ll watch “Next Caller” despite it starring Dane Cook. Why? Jeffrey Tambor. He was most of the reason I tuned into “Bent,” and that turned out to be a decent show that NBC threw in the crapper.

I will watch any show that Aaron Sorkin creates. "Newsroom" is a no-brainer.

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