Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What You Should Have Seen #21

There’s not a lot I can say about movies. I’m not what you’d call a cinephile. I mean, I’m no Michael Bolton. I like certain actors and actresses, but I don’t necessarily see everything they do. I don’t follow directors from film to film. I don’t break down movies and analyze deeper meanings and themes.

I want one thing and one thing only from a movie: to be entertained. This is doubly important if I’m actually going to see one in a theater. I want to walk out of the theater and say, “Yes, I totally got my money’s worth from this movie. It was totally worth my time to find a babysitter, expend gas to drive to the theater, buy a ticket and overpriced concessions, and sit still for an hour and a half (or longer!) while this story played out in front of me.”

So I don’t go to the movies much. I prefer watching in the comfort of my home. I can lie in my bed or on the couch. I can pause it and go to the bathroom. I can turn it off if I don’t like it.

If I do go to the movies, except for a few exceptions (you know who you are), I’d rather go alone. Unless you’re on a date or you’re doing stuff before or after the movie with someone, I’ve never understood the fun in meeting someone at the theater, watching a movie, and then going your separate ways. I’ll only do that if the person I’m with is a like-minded individual who will occasionally go all “MST3K” on the flick with me or won’t mind if I do it. If you’re sitting next to me, I’ll talk to you. I’ll point out stupid things, cool things, or possible up-coming things.

As opposed to my TV viewing habits, where I’ll watch just about any genre that catches my eye, with movies I stick to comedies and action flicks. I’m a huge comic book fan, so the recent run of comic-based movies has been great! Out of the last three movies I saw in the theater, two were based on comic books (Thor and Captain America), and the next one I’m going to see will be a comic book movie (The Avengers).

When I review a movie, don’t expect it to be something timely. It will very rarely be a movie that’s still in theaters. Hell, it probably won’t even be a movie that was JUST released on DVD. I’ll be getting most of my movies from Netflix, Hulu +, and Amazon Prime. If HBO allowed online subscriptions without the formality of going through a cable provider, that’d be another avenue, but they don’t, so screw ‘em.

Here’s what I’ve liked in the past. It might shed some light on what types of movies I might be reviewing in the future.

Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, The Game, Friends with Benefits, Horrible Bosses, Bridesmaids, The Princess Bride, Hudson Hawk, Thor, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, X-Men 2, Toy Story 3, The Cabin in the Woods, Event Horizon, Tangled, Live Free or Die Hard, the Harry Potter series, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Like I said, the next movie I’m going to see is The Avengers. I’ll be seeing it Friday afternoon in all of its IMAX 3D glory. Hopefully my mind won’t be too blown so I’ll able to do a review of it. Spoilers: it’ll probably be a positive review.

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