Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What You Should Have Heard #95

Not Your Kind of People

I used to be a pretty decent Garbage fan. Used to be. I still like lead singer Shirley Manson’s voice, but the overall sound of the band just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Hell, I didn’t even know this album was coming out. They had pretty much fallen off of my radar.

One thing I initially liked about Garbage was their use of electronics in their rock and roll. It wasn’t necessarily subtle in any of their previous albums, but it was just an instrument to be used. The guitars and drums really let you know that these were in fact rock albums. The electronics seemed to push the tempo and sound in a way that the drums couldn’t by themselves.

Right out of the gate with Not Your Kind of People’s first track “Automatic Systematic Habit,” I get the feeling that this is an electronic pop album with rock as an afterthought. As I keep listening, I’m not proven wrong. A couple tracks stand out, like “Blood for Poppies” (my favorite song on the album), “Felt,” and “Man on a Wire.” “Felt” actually sounds like old-school Garbage. One thing that has remained constant throughout the years is Manson’s voice. It still sounds great, if not more mature. The rest of the album…nope, just can’t get behind it. Too many bloops and blips for me.

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