Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I couldn't in good conscience...

...pass up a deal like this. I'm trying to make this a kick-ass summer for my kids. My daughter and oldest son are registered for an awesome summer program. I got a Nashville Zoo membership so we can hit that up every few weeks or so. Don't tell my youngest son, but I got him a little backyard kiddie pool for his birthday, something he's been wanting for quite a while now.

So today this deal from SweetJack pops up in my email inbox. This place is about halfway between my house and my parents' house, and the kids have always wanted to go. With this deal (and by using the promo code "social12" when checking out), I was able to get five tickets (gotta get one for Aunt Katie!) for $26.40. That, my friends, is a deal. So I'm putting this out there for people with kids who have shown any interests in dinosaurs.

SweetJack: 53% Off Tickets to Dinosaur World ($12.75 value for $6)

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