Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jon Hamm and Weird Al Bowling...Together

Think back to, oh, I don't know, 10 years ago. Ten years ago if you dreamed about watching Jon Hamm (who was actually just starting out as an actor, but we're pretending, so it's okay) face off against Weird Al in a game of bowling, you'd be out of luck. Sure, it might happen, but you'd have to read about it in People or one of the other celeb-watching magazines.

But now we've got YouTube.

Thank you, YouTube.

Because of you, people like Chris Hardwick, who I've found to be only mildly entertaining as an actor, can create a nerd haven (Felicia Day has the geeks locked down) and build his rep via the interwebs so much that he can get the creator and three of the stars of Mad Men to battle his nerdtastic team (himself, Weird Al, and two guys I've never seen before) at one of the neatest bowling alleys (a bar with a couple of lanes in it?) I've ever seen. It looks like the winner gets nothing but bragging rights, but the charity of their choice gets a nice donation, and as fans of awesome things, we get eight minutes and 34 seconds of wonderful entertainment.

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