Wednesday, April 25, 2012

honeyhoney Song of the Day

Angel of Death

Last year for about a month before I saw the Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro in Memphis, I would post a daily video from each of the groups to my Facebook account to show just how excited I was to see both of the groups. I'm doing that now with honeyhoney.

I fell in love with honeyhoney's music a few years ago when "Black Crows" and "Little Toy Gun" popped up on one of my Pandora playlists. I don't remember who I was supposed to be listening to, maybe Fiona Apple? Anyways, I got their first CD First Rodeo and loved it. I was excited when Billy Jack came out last year, but it took me a little while longer to get into it. But I did, and now I think it's awesome, too.

I follow honeyhoney on Facebook, and when they posted news about new tour dates, I checked their site and found out they were going to be at The Cannery Ballroom in Nashville with James Morrison. I had to look him up. Not bad, but I'd be completely satisfied if I left right after honeyhoney.

I've also developed a little crush on lead singer Suzanne Santo. I am a total sucker for beautiful girls who can sing.

Here are two videos for the first track off Billy Jack, "Angel of Death." I really don't know how you'd classify honeyhoney, what genre you'd label their music, but this song twangs and drawls like country. I don't like country music. Really. Living around Nashville has not turned me around on that. But I love this song. Is there more country music that sounds like this? I'd listen to that.

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