Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Video of the Day

Five people playing one guitar is a gimmick, but when the gimmick is performed flawlessly and the song being sung is haunting and sung by three incredible voice, well, then you get more than 54 MILLION HITS IN JUST OVER A MONTH on YouTube.

Before I saw this, I had no idea who Gotye or Wall Off the Earth were. They're both on Spotify, though. I listened to Gotye's album Making Mirrors, and it's pretty much meh for me. "Somebody That I Used to Know" is arguably the best song on the album.

Walk Off the Earth has one album, Smooth Like a Stone on a Beach, on Spotify and a bunch of single tracks from compilation albums. Again, "Somebody That I Used to Know" is the best thing I've heard by them. That makes me sad, because I was totally blown away by this video and was hoping for more of the same. The album has somewhat of an alterni-pop vibe to it, with a heavy ska/white-people island music feel to it. Anybody remember Len and their one hit "Steal My Sunshine"? Yeah, it's like THAT Canadian group was THIS Canadian group's inspiration. It was really disconcerting to hear Rage Against the Machine's "People of the Sun" sung in that vein. I'm listening to their later release My Rock via Myspace because with as much as I love their cover of "STIUtK," I really want to support them and buy a full album, but I won't for music I just don't like.

This video and song, though, they kick ass. Honestly, this doesn't even sound like it's by the same people. But because of this cover, I will ALWAYS listen to and attempt to like any new release they put out there. That's the power of one performance.

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