Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What You Should Have Read #53

Thoughts on Last Week’s Comics

The Cape #3 – Another Joe Hill book, so of course I’m going to get it. This is a very dark look at a very basic superpower. I have no sympathy for the main character; he’s a whiny little brat. But I’m really enjoying the story and am very interested to see how Hill ends it. Will the brother end up dead or stopping this murderous, psychopathic flyer?

Mighty Thor #9 – I’m totally okay with having two monthly Loki books instead of one focusing on Thor. Loki is much more interesting, and I like how he’s the only one who knows about Thor. Also, the Silver Surfer is weird...very weird.

Secret Avengers #20 – Gah, Warren Ellis, you vex me. The journey you took us on this issue was head-achingly confusing, but the destination ended up making sense. I enjoyed Alex Maleev's art, but I thought the newspaper strips looked like they were drawn by Whilce Portacio. I used to like his work, but I used to like Rob Liefeld, too, so there's that.

Also, in case you've forgotten: When I can remember to add this to the bottom of my posts, I’m going to whore myself out with an impassioned plea: click on the ads. PLEASE click on the ads. I don’t care if you exit out of it immediately or actually look around. This isn’t some professional blog where I believe in the products I’m shilling. These are automatic ads placed by Google. But when you click ads, I get a little bit of money, and as a single father of three, every penny from every source helps...especially with Christmas bills looming on the horizon. So I’m going to keep this tiny bit of begging at the bottom of my posts, and I hope you’ll take an extra 10 seconds after reading my blog to click on an ad. The only thing it costs you is time. :) Thanks so much!

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