Thursday, January 26, 2012

Video of the Day

"I see my forever as one long night
If I can make it dark, I can make it light
I know that most of living done is done in the mind
Only thought survives"

I had no idea that there was a video for this song, which is one of my favorite from Seven Mary Three. It's a plus that it has Kirsten Dunst in it from when she was still someone enjoyable to look at. I've never seen the movie the song was in, though. "Crazy Beautiful," I think?

These guys, 7M3, they're on a short list of bands that I want to see live before I die. Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters used to be on that list, then I saw them in May. Tool is on that list, as well as Ben Folds and Bleu. I like live shows that give you your money's worth. Harry Connick, Jr. is a performer. He's funny and engaging and doesn't make you feel like you're one of hundreds or thousands of people crammed together watching him. Dave Grohl is like that, too. I image seeing a 7M3 show would be similar. It would be an experience, not a glorified mix tape.

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