Friday, January 27, 2012

Teeth-Pulling Video Constitutional

Misha Collins was on The Soup, and I'm not totally sure what he was plugging. He was in a bit with some Spartacus actors (wasn't Lucy Lawless' character killed?), and Joel said he was from Supernatural, which was plugged. Is Misha coming back soon? I hope so. Also, Joel butchered the pronunciation of Castiel (which isn't shown in the clip, but Misha comes back for a bit and kicks the crap out of Joel.

Oh wait! Here it is!

I don't like American Idol, and I've even stopped watching the train-wreck auditions, but this clip made the rounds, and yeah, I would totally support this guy all the way through.

Meat balls with candy centers? No thanks, Epic Meal Time. The sausage chili banana split doesn't look all that bad, though.

I've seen the first season of Mad Men, but not the rest. I've been meaning to, and I'm going to work like hell to get caught up before the new season starts. Maybe then I'll appreciate this a little more.

Just like mash-ups, I'm a sucker for well-produced supercuts. Remember that scene from "When Harry Met Sally"? Yeah, you know the one. Here's a great supercut that expands on it.

The Walking Dead meets the Growing Pains opening theme. The day is done, my friend. You won't find anything better than this today.

Paul Rudd answers the age-old question: why do dudes like boobs?

Ask a Grown Man With Paul Rudd from Rookie on Vimeo.

If AMC is smart, they'll link to this Breaking Bad video for months leading up to the premiere of the final season. This is amazing. Acording to the description, it's clips of the show set to an Ennio Morricone remix from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."

This is kind of funny, but the real draw to this is Joel McHale's hair. Points removed for not being embeddable.

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