Friday, November 18, 2011

[Insert Witty Title] Video Constitutional

This was a neat little video that the cast and crew of Doctor Who put together after David Tennant left the show. Wow, man...just wow.

Here's the trailer for the latest Mission Impossible movie. Despite his personal craziness, I still dig Tom Cruise as an actor. Also, Simon Pegg is in it, so there you go. I'm still looking forward to Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye more than I am him taking over this franchise.

Joel McHale makes an audition tape for People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Yeah, I'd vote for him.

This song goes out to the power-hungry IT guy at work who totally removed Spotify from my computer. I'm glad I spent all that time finding the 15,000 songs I wanted in my playlists. Thanks, jerk.

Every death from HBO's Game of Thrones? Awesome. Set to Guns 'n Roses' cover of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door?" Even better.

Game of Thrones Death Montage from Doctor Roboto on Vimeo.

I'm starting to throw up just about everything shared with me by a few friends. That means you'll probably getting some Hunger Games stuff. Thanks, Christy! FYI, I think I'm going to trim my beard like the one Wes Bentley's character is sporting.

The Foo Fighters with Joan Jett playing "Bad Reputation." I wish she would have been at the concert I went to instead of Lemmy.

I'm not a cat person, mainly because I'm allergic to them. But oh my God I would become a crazy cat lady and fill my house with these, allergies be damned.

I'm not a sports person either. I had never heard of Jerry Sandusky before the past couple of weeks, and I'm absolutely horrified at what he's alleged to have done. I say alleged because the guy hasn't been found guilty in a court of law, but in the court of me, yeah, dude's guilty. And listening to this interview with Bob Costas, wow, he doesn't help himself at all. I've also decided that Bob Costas has replaced Stephen Colbert as my favorite interviewer. He absolutely rips into Sandusky, but he does it so calmly and professionally that I can almost understand why Sandusky seemed so open about some of the things he talked about.

I don't have an iPhone, but now I feel very sorry for Siri.

I've missed a LOT of Epic Meal Time. Time to catch up!

Why not, JGL? Why not?

If this passes, my blog is finished. If you enjoy this blog or just about ANY entertainment-related blog, fight this.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Looks like I'll be hitting Amazon up soon for some Childish Gambino mp3s. Psst, it's Donald Glover from Community. Don't tell anybody. It's a secret.

Well, this video totally convinced me to put in surveillance cameras in my house.

Also, in case you've forgotten: When I can remember to add this to the bottom of my posts, I’m going to whore myself out with an impassioned plea: click on the ads. PLEASE click on the ads. I don’t care if you exit out of it immediately or actually look around. This isn’t some professional blog where I believe in the products I’m shilling. These are automatic ads placed by Google. But when you click ads, I get a little bit of money, and as a single father of three, every penny from every source helps...especially with Christmas looming on the horizon. So I’m going to keep this tiny bit of begging at the bottom of my posts, and I hope you’ll take an extra 10 seconds after reading my blog to click on an ad. The only thing it costs you is time. :) Thanks so much!

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