Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainy Day Video Constitutional

I don't think I need to say anything other than Kenny Powers IS Darth Vader.

This 15-year-old girl going all beat-box on a flute is amazing. I would have been friends with more floutists in high school if they were able to do this.

I didn't want to post this because I didn't want to give this damn "church" any more publicity, but it's the Foo Fighters, and this helps to prove their awesomeness.

Once again I missed the Emmys, and these clips make me wish I hadn't.

Here's Jane Lynch's full intro. Most of it is only slightly below average, but the Mad Men stuff is wonderful. I tried to cut out the bad stuff, but I couldn't. If I did this correctly, though, the video should start at the right time.

I've never watched Mike & Molly, so I don't know how deserving the winner for Best Actress in a Comedy Series was, but I refuse to believe she was better than Pollen, Fey or Plimpton. Regardless, the presentation of nominees and the winner's speech were excellent.

This was my favorite of the dreadful Emmytones. I felt bad for Joel McHale and Zachary Levi, only slightly bad for Colby Smothers.

Despite the talent involved in this (Andy Samburg, Emma Stone, Bill Hader, Zach Galifiankis, Seth Rogen, Ken Jeong, Ed Helms, Emma Stone, Samuel L. Jackson ['cause he's in everything], Aziz Ansari), it's a big pile of meh at best. But hey, it's funny people delivering bad Star Wars lines, so there's a BIT of entertainment to be had, and Emma Stone is just a delight to watch.

I don't have time to watch all the late-night talk shows that I want to, so I'm glad highlights are almost instantly available. And I applaud Conan for his reaction to Nicole Scherzinger's bust (PUN!).

I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt as much as the next guy, but this movie looks like a joke. It looks like the plot of a '90s action movie with dialogue that is just corny as hell.

This trailer has no dialogue, just two minutes of pure action and violence, and I want to see the movie so badly now. And the music is by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, so that's a plus.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia outtakes? I guess I know what I'm going to be doing this morning.

More Star Wars fun! This time we let Porkins have the day he deserves.

And here we have Vader reacting to various things.

I watched this video, like, 10 times and I STILL don't know how to play rugby. And I'm sleepy.

LYNX - Rules to Rugby from Soap Creative on Vimeo.

Probably for the rest of the month I’m going to whore myself out with an impassioned plea: click on the ads. PLEASE click on the ads. I don’t care if you exit it out of it immediately or actually look around. This isn’t some professional blog where I believe in the products I’m shilling. These are automatic ads placed by Google. But my experiment this weekend proved to me that I actually AM making a spot of cash whenever the ads are clicked. So I’m going to put this little disclaimer on the bottom of all my posts for the next month or so, and I hope you’ll take an extra 10 seconds after reading my blog to click on an ad. Thanks so much!

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