Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Insanity Day #1 Redux


So, I’m planning on ACTUALLY starting this tonight. I have no illusions on my ability to stay on a strict schedule with this. I’m going to ATTEMPT to do this nightly, as scheduled, but Tuesday nights are probably out because of Cub Scouts, and every other Wednesday night will probably be out because I’ll hopefully be hitting the Flying Saucer in Nashville.

Breakfast: Whoops, forgot.
Morning Snack: Special K chocolate/peanut butter protein meal bar
Lunch: Sweet and savory t-bone steak and half of a baked sweet potato (leftover from Saturday night’s dinner), an orange and some barbeque potato chip crumbs (gotta live a little!)
Afternoon snack: Forgot to make it, so it looks like that is out.
Dinner: Three chicken nuggets, a handful of fries, bologna and cheese sandwich, peach cobbler
Drinks: One cup a coffee in the morning, water throughout the day

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call today a fail, because I WAS physical, but I didn’t do the fit test. After getting the kids home, I worked in the yard for close to two hours while they spent some time with their mother. I was beat. Let’s see how tomorrow night goes. When I realized I wasn’t going to work out, I gave up on dinner.

Probably for the rest of the month I’m going to whore myself out with an impassioned plea: click on the ads. PLEASE click on the ads. I don’t care if you exit it out of it immediately or actually look around. This isn’t some professional blog where I believe in the products I’m shilling. These are automatic ads placed by Google. But my experiment this weekend proved to me that I actually AM making a spot of cash whenever the ads are clicked. So I’m going to put this little disclaimer on the bottom of all my posts for the next month or so, and I hope you’ll take an extra 10 seconds after reading my blog to click on an ad. Thanks so much!

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