Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Video Constitutional

Bacon pasta? Brilliant!

Peter Dinklage's character on Game of Thrones is definitely my favorite, and boy-king Joffrey is a tiny little dick bag, so yeah, I'll watch 10+ minutes of Dinklage slapping the shit out of him.

I love The League on FX so much. And I also hate football so much. Does Aaron Sorkin write for the show? He got me to watch a show about sports (Sportsnight, and I don't follow any sports) and politics (West Wing, and I'm almost functionally retarded when it comes to politics), so I guess only he could write a show about football that I would love. Or maybe not. There's not enough walking and talking in this show.

My parents were having breakfast one morning and saw this guy eating there. My dad asked the waitress about him and she said he is under contract as the official Coca Cola Santa Claus. His beard and hair is snow white and real. He was wearing a Santa hat, red shirt and green shorts with red and white suspenders, red and white striped knee socks and red shoes. They say he dresses like this every day. A little boy and his parents were leaving and he looked at Santa and just stared. The little boy asked if he was the real Santa, and Santa said if you believe I am I am. They talked for about 5 minutes. So now you know, Santa lives in New Albany, Indiana.

Because sometimes you just need to watch somebody get punched the fuck out.

And if you're still not happy, then maybe you need to watch a rioter get a flash-bang in the crotch.

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