Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What You Should Have Read #24

Now that I'm back to blogging, I'm going to TRY to keep up a regular schedule with each day devoted to a different type of post. Mondays will be food, Tuesdays will be music, Wednesdays will be comic books, Thursdays will be TV/movies, and Fridays will be random videos.

In order to keep a regular posting on Wednesdays, I've decided to borrow an idea from a blog I read daily, Gamma Squad. Every week, blogger RoboPanda (do I need a nickname?) posts the top 10 funniest comic book panels of the week. I like his idea, but rather than pick out the panels I find funniest, I'm going to pick out some badass panels and/or pages. Now, this could mean badass as far as the action, or a clever bit of writing, or even just some awesome art. No rankings, no set amount, just stuff I like from the previous week's releases.

I take most of the week to read my comics. It's not that I have a lot to go through, it's just that I've got a lot to do. Full-time job, single father with three kids...I've got a lot on my plate. So I kind of get around to the comics when I can. Maybe one or two at night while I'm trying to catch up on my extremely full DVR, most of the rest during the weekend, maybe a couple saved to hold me over until the next Wednesday. So that's why the Wednesday post will see panels/pages from the previous week's comics. Maybe a back issue here or there if I'm rereading something or filling in a gap in my collection.

I decided to do this yesterday, and all that was left for me was Freak Angels and the FCBD edition of Locke & Key. Granted, the L&K issue is a reprint, but I'm loving that series so much right now (and really disappointed that Fox has passed on the pilot...could have been awesome!), I had to share a bit.

So, here we go!

Warren Ellis is one of my favorite writers. He might even be number one on my list. If you haven't been reading his free web comic "Freak Angels," well, you're missing out, and the series is almost at an end. The art by Paul Duffield has been magnificent, and I love how expressive he can make these characters. The two panels here of Mark revealing just how crazy he is are just phenomenal.

I love every bit of Joe Hill's comic work (I REALLY need to pick up his two novels) that I've read...and surprisingly (or not), it's not because of his dad. Sure, that's why I STARTED reading Locke & Key (he's Stephen King's son, if you don't already know), but he quickly (like, within an issue or two) revealed that he's a good writer with great ideas and he's not rehashing works or ideas that his dad has already done. I love the idea behind L&K and the scope and unlimited potential it presents. I think it really pushes Hill's imagination to have to come up with creative uses for all of the different keys he is showing (and hiding from) the reader. And I'd be doing a disservice to Gabriel Rodriguez if I didn't mention his wonderful art. He really brings the Locke family and supporting characters to life, and he makes Dodge/Zack terrifying.

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