Friday, March 4, 2011

In-Like-a-Lion Constitutional (now with added tiger blood!)

The Green Machine from George Mason University playing Rage Against the Machine. Frickin' awesome!

I kinda think this mega-rant is a bit slow (as far as mega-rants go) until Christian Bale shows up. Then it's a fun little romp.

I'm loving this massive breakdown or whatever is happening to Charlie Sheen. I'm loving the memes and the quotes and the mash-ups. How about a little Darth Sheen?

Game of Thrones trailer. Hopefully I'll be able to watch this on Netflix or Hulu Plus since I don't have HBO. Looks pretty awesome. Never read the books.

Here's the auto-tuned segement from The Oscars. Solid all around, but the Facebook and Twilight sections are the best.

New Epic Meal Time! Epic energy bar!

Let's throw in some Epic Meal Time deleted scenes.

OMG!! It's the leaked season finale of Two and a Half Men!!

As the guy who posted this on Facebook said, "Guitarded." Rhapsody in Blue is by far my favorite Gershwin piece, and probably one of my favorite orchestral pieces of all time. I introduced my kids to it this weekend via Fantasia 2000, and they were mesmerized. These guys and this arrangement are awesome.

Here's the piece from Fantasia 2000.

A promo from the dead-in-the-water Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated series. "There are things in the dark. Dark things." That's about the worst line I've ever heard, and I watch a lot of bad TV. It would have felt more tongue-in-cheek had Buffy actually commented on it. Otherwise, with the animation style and music, I kept expecting Batman to show up in the beginning. The library scene really took me back to the early days, though. I would've watched this.

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