Friday, November 19, 2010

Backed-Up Constitutional

I hadn't seen the Samwell "What What" video until Tosh.0 this past season, and as much as I mean to, I've never seen Mad Men. Having said that, I think this video is awesome.

And let's follow that with a nice little Mad Men/Pulp Fiction mash-up, again with some Don Draper "what?"s.

I like Justin Timberlake, and this looks pretty funny, but I saw a split second of a cast dance scene, so that has me worried. I don't like that.

And I REALLY like Natalie Portman, but I REALLY hate Ashton Kutcher. Oh, decisions decisions.

Jason Sudeikis is one of the best things about Saturday Night Live (is he even still on it? I don't watch it anymore.). He was great on 30 Rock, and he had a recent great guest shot on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Here he is with Owen Wilson in a new movie that I can kinda get behind.

My son is going to be SOOOOO excited when I tell him about the sequel to Cars. Is it just me, or does it look like an extended version of a "'Mater's Tall Tales" short? Those are pretty awesome, but I think their brevity lends a bit to the awesomeness.

Say what you want about the man, Alec Baldwin is a great and funny actor.

I'm not expecting the Green Lantern movie to be as awesome as Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, but I want it to be good. Really good. And this trailer LOOKS good. The graphics and characters and everything LOOK good. But oh my God the dialogue is the most hackneyed, gag-inducing crap that I've heard. Because I'm currently a pretty big GL fan and I'm a HUGE Ryan Reynolds fan, this needs to be good. But I hope there's more to the rest of the movie than the "gems" chosen for this trailer. Oh, and Blake Lively is hot.

I <3 this movie so hard right now.
Cowboys & Aliens. Sounds ridiculous, looks awesome.

Here's the trailer for The Mechanic, a remake of a 1973 Charles Bronson film. It's stars Jason Statham, who I'm a fan of.

I had an extremely shitty day on Thursday, and this was the pick-me-up I needed.

In honor of the new Harry Potter movie, here's Hogwarts Hangover.


Kate said...

Is it just me or are the Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher films actually the same one?

Rob Rosenblatt said...

It's not just you.