Friday, July 23, 2010

Video Dump

An awesome "You're mom is a whore" joke turns into a pretty frank discussion of homosexuality between a group of straight guys and their gay friend. I know this is scripted TV, but it seems like a real conversation. You've got the one really uncomfortable guy, your curious friends, and you actually learn something. Well, I did.

Here's the only version of Twilight I would ever watch.

Here's Lindsay Lohan getting sentenced to 90 days in jail. Her reaction to what the judge is saying is just awesome. Will time in jail do her any good, or will she even serve the entire term? Don't care. At least she was actually punished for BREAKING THE DAMN LAW!

One of my buddies has been sending me info on the new Star Wars TomTom developments, so that's not new to me. But this video showing Vader's recording session is, and it's hilarious.

Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale. 'Nuff said.

The first trailer of Red looked kind of cute and quirky. This trailer makes the movie look incredibly awesome. It's kind of like a geriatric version of The Losers, and with the cast assembled (even Ernest Borgnine!) I can live with that.

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