Friday, July 2, 2010

Pre-Independence Day Video Dump

Oh my goodness. I can't afford to see all the movie I want to see in the theater. The new Harry Potter movie, though, will get my money. Both parts of the finale.

The drummer for Ok Go vs. Animal from the Muppets in a staring contest.

And I guess this is the latest Ok Go video. Probably my least favorite out of all their videos, 'cause they've had awesome videos. It doesn't help that the song kind of sucks. I've not liked their latest CD much at all.

I'm intrigued by this movie about the founder of Facebook.

Ever wanted an AT-AT Walker as a pet? Sure you have.

And here's Iron Baby by the same guy.

This, my friends, is why Louis C.K. is one of my favorite stand-up comedians.

Supernatural vs. Lonely Island: Supernatural (In My Pants)

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