Friday, May 7, 2010

Waterlogged Video Dump

Trailer for the Jonah Hex movie. Cast looks great, movie looks ho-hum.

I heard about Winter's Bone when it was at Sundance. Definitely not a feel-good film, but sounds pretty interesting.

I like Ok Go. I like the Colbert Report. And Stephen's interviews and subsequent performances with musical guests are always great. Here's "This Too Shall Pass" from Ok Go as seen last Friday on the Colbert Report.

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OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
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I'm not the biggest Coheed and Cambria fan, but what I do like by them, I really like. This song sounds pretty good, and the video isn't half bad either. And for all you comic book fans, see if you can guess who shows up around the :57 mark.

"He knows the score, he gets the girls, and he kills the bad guys." This looks like the most awesome B-movie with a great mix of A- and B-list actors. I really want this movie to be insanely good.

Can't embed the movie, but I've got to share this. Galactic Empire State of Mind.

I love George Clooney. There. I said it. I even liked him in The Men Who Stare at Goats, even though it was a pretty horrible movie. Here's the trailer for his next gig.

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