Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Video Dump

Creeped out by the new Tiger Woods Nike commercial? Have a few parodies, then.

This is a joke, right? This has to be a joke. Just 'cause they're girls doesn't make them bad basketball players. I don't know what this is, though. They play like they're all 5 years old, but they look like they're in high school. And then a dunk is attempted. Facepalm.

New Will Ferrell movie? Yes please!

Not that I'm promoting or advocating the crime against nature that is non-alcoholic beer, but this is a pretty funny commercial. And please ignore where this video came from.

This movie doesn't look all that great to me, but I really like Ryan Reynolds, so here's a trailer for Paper Man.

Well, I don't much care for the song, but it is more fitting to Kick-Ass than the Mika song/video that was released a couple of weeks ago.

Drunk Comic Book History: The Robins. Comic book fans who enjoy Drunk History should enjoy this.

Conan O'Brien singing Creep by Radiohead. It's slightly awesome.

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