Monday, March 8, 2010

What You Should Have Drinked...Drank...Drunkeded #1

From the website: "This is an aggressive beer. You probably won't like it. It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. We would suggest that you stick to safer and more familiar territory --- maybe something with a multi-million dollar ad campaign aimed at convincing you it's made in a little brewery, or one that implies that their tasteless fizzy yellow beer will give you more sex appeal. Perhaps you think multi-million dollar ad campaigns make a beer taste better. Perhaps you're mouthing your words as you read this."

The first time I tried this beer I was in college and had just started drinking. I was very much a new beer drinker, and my drink of choice at the time was Miller Genuine Draft. So when I tried Arrogant Bastard, I strongly disliked it. It’s now more than 10 years later, and I like to think of myself as somewhat of a beer snob. This is only the 2nd time I’ve ever had Arrogant Bastard, the first time since college.

Not much of a head, but that might be the way I poured it. I’m pretty good at it, though, so? Darker color than I was expecting. Sweet aroma. I was expecting a more bitter, hoppier scent.

Well, that’s…interesting. Definitely a lot of hops. Very bitter taste, but there’s a slightly sweet undertone. But the bitter just stays with you in the back of your throat. The sweet undertaste has sort of a floral tone to it. The more that is drunk, the more the 7.2% alcohol content shows itself.

Does this come in smaller bottle than a, what, pint and a half? Not that I’m complaining. It’s left me in quite a good mood as I’m watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.


Brian Panizzi said...

Have you tried La Fin du Monde? I do not see it on the list so I will guess not. I would highly recommend it and all the other beers/ales from the Unibroue brewery.

Rob Rosenblatt said...

I have not had La Fin du Monde, but I've tried Unibroue's red ale, Maudite. That, too, was when I was a beer novice and I hated it. I imagine I'd really like it now. I've also heard nothing but good things about La Fin du Monde. It's definitely on my list to try.

And thanks for commenting, Brian! It's nice to know that somebody is reading these!

Kate said...

I love Arrogant Bastard. It was one of my go-tos if I didn't like anything else on tap at whatever bar I was at in Portland.

Kate said...

I'm reading these...I just don't have a lot to add! Plus I can't watch most of the videos in the UK.