Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Video Dump

Here's the first trailer for the new Predators movie. Adrian Brody? Really? I would assume he dies first...when a Predator looks at him funny.

Since I'm posting just about everything related to Kick-Ass, I guess I'll post this. I hesitated at first because I don't really like it, but what the hell, right? This is a music video by Mika with the first song from the movie. The song does not match the movie at all, in my opinion.

Okay, I've got a request for anyone who's good at this sort of thing. Here are the Cardigans covering Sabbath's "Iron Man." Can somebody make a decent video of this with Iron Man footage, possibly showcasing Tony Stark with the ladies? I guarantee it would be an awesome video if done correctly.

This one has got a little bit of something for everyone. A bit for the guys, and a bit for the gals. And while guys may still like some of the stuff for the gals, the gals probably won't like the stuff for the guys.

I would SOOOO see this movie on opening night and not just wait for it to come out on DVD. I have been a Weird Al fan for, damn, probably since I was about 5, as old as my oldest son is now. I'm old.

This could be funny. It's got Russel Brand and Puff Daddy in it, so that's working against its favor, but it's also got Aziz Ansari.

I haven't read the comic, but the movie looks like it could be entertaining. Here's the first trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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