Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What You Should Have Heard #2

Hollywood Undead: Swan Songs

I got this CD on the strength of one song, and that’s the first single (and first track) “Undead.” It’s loud, driving, and really gets you pumped up. Too bad the rest of the CD tends to let you down.

It’s not that the CD is necessarily bad, it’s just that it doesn’t really live up to the first two tracks, which are stylistically similar. Once we get to the third track, “Everywhere I Go,” this turns into a rap/rock CD with Eminem. It’s NOT Eminem, but it sounds a lot like him. And it’s not just the voice that makes one recall Marshall Mathers, but the lewdness of the songs, too. And when they’re not channeling Emenim, they’re channeling the Bloodhound Gang (“No. 5”). If you listen reeeeeal close, you can sometimes catch a bit of some Beastie Boys influence. But all that says to me is that there’s not a drop of originality on this disc.

The disc isn’t a waste of money as long as you’re looking for something juvenile and fun. But as I said, don’t expect anything original. You won’t find it here.

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