Monday, January 4, 2010

What You Should Have Read #7

Hmm, not many comics to ring in the New Year with.

Origins of Siege #1

Okay, that can’t be it. Maybe I missed some stuff from last week. And really, THAT’S it? I remember when companies would have big “Fifth Week” events when there would be five Wednesdays in a month. But I guess even people in the comic book industry need to take a break during the holidays.

And that one issue, the eight pages of new material that I hadn’t read yet, wasn’t worth the price of admission.

I did find a few more things that I missed last week, though.

New Mutants so far has been the low point of the X-Necrosha crossover. All this to bring back Cypher, whose mutant ability is to understand any language? I was okay with him being killed off, what, almost 20 years ago? I’m okay with Warlock being back, but that’s not really new. He showed up in Nova a while back.

Both of the Ender books this month were top-notch, as usual. I think I may have to finally pick up the Shadow books and read those. I reread the four main Ender books about a year or so ago, but I never did get around to reading the Shadow ones. I never cared to know about Bean or his past. But now I do. Go figure.

Angel: A Hole in the World is just a retelling of the season five episode of the same name. If you’ve seen the episode, this issue does not do it justice. It’s something that has to be watched.

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