Saturday, January 3, 2009

Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Dec. 3, 2008 (One-Shots)

Hulk Family: Green Genes #1

I had no idea that Hulk had a daughter with Thundra and Monica Rappaccini (I don’t even know who that is). The She-Hulk story was okay. The art smacked of the “Image style” of yesteryear. I find it hard to believe that Shulkie wouldn’t have had a few questions for this Hulk, regardless of if she thought he was her cousin or not. The Skaar story didn’t do anything for me that the actual series isn’t already doing. Besides introducing me to Hulk’s “daughter,” this story gave me previously unknown information about Thundra’s world. I didn’t realize she was from an alternate reality…or is it just another planet? I want to see more of the Scorpion and her search for the truth about Banner. I wouldn’t mind this thread being picked up in the Hulk book.

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