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TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Nov. 16, 2008 Pt. 2

Holy crap, that’s an awful way to die. Head slammed against a latch then cooked alive in a convection microwave oven for six and a half hours. This show is one of the rare breed that gets better with age. This is a wonderful ensemble that plays extremely well with each other. They’re comfortable and natural. Pair up any two members of the cast and you can have an episode where they’re playing off of each other. But the stars are Booth and Bones, and this was a great episode for them, finding a killer on a plane full of people bound for China.

Another show loses its head on the chopping block. Honestly, I’m surprised that it made it past its first season. It’s too quirky, what some people would call weird. I will admit it’s getting a little too complicated, what with all the subplots. And there’s probably not enough time to resolve them all. Will Emerson ever find his daughter? Will Ned ever find his father and be able to touch Chuck? Will Chuck ever reveal to her aunt and mom that she’s alive? What’s up with Stephen Root’s new character?

"I never have any normal fans."

The episode was a contest between Jason Alexander’s character and Joe Mantegna’s character. But it wasn’t killer vs. cop; it was over-actor vs. over-actor. It was kind of ridiculous. Joe Mantegna is a decent actor and all, but he’s no Mandy Patinkin.

"It seems awfully mean, but sometimes the ends justify the mean."

I’m actually a little mad at Toby myself. I really liked Holly, and I liked Michael with her rather than him against Toby. It’s like the show just moved a step backward (same thing I thought when Ryan and Kelly got back together last episode) instead of moving forward. Now, Jim and Pam are moving forward, and that’s good.

"After years of inbreeding, the pigs are getting violent, and the pig shield around the house is worn thin."

I thought Steve Martin was great, and I’m glad he was a bit more subdued. I don’t think it would have been as funny had he gone a bit overboard (you hear what I’m saying Robin Williams?). The Tracy stuff wasn’t all that funny this week. Kenneth was still excellent, though.

"I’m not used to doing this sober."
"It’s kind of the same thing, except no one gets sick."
"I’ll be the judge of that."

Badge bunnies? Really? Is that something that really goes on? I guess that’s what cheerleaders do when they grow up, because that’s exactly what they seem like. Car washes, fund raisers, softball...yup, grown-up cheerleaders. Okay, that four-way confrontation at the drug dealer’s house was superb. The observances, the questions, the reactions, all just superb. I also like how, even into the second season, they’re still keeping up with the fruit thing.

Oh holy God, Opie. I guess by definition dramas aren’t any good without any, well, drama, and Clay is up to his neck in it, yet he still looks all sparkly and clean. This shit will come back around to him, though. I loved how Deputy Dog (I don’t know what his name is) took out the FBI agent with one punch. That was damn cool. Next week’s season finale is going to be brutal and bloody, I’d set my watch and warrant to it.

And yet another ABC show has gone the way of the dodo. I still think this is a good show, but it hasn’t been as good this year. This episode seemed to be a big game of musical lovers. I wonder if the show would have lasted the whole season if it would have been left soap opera-y.

Chloe’s wedding and reception were in Clark’s barn? That seems very hickish. I would have assumed the reception would have been in the Talon. And they had to steal the beginning from Cloverfield. Wow. Nobody will notice that. From what we saw of Doomsday, I thought he looked pretty cool. I really got a Michael Turner vibe from him, from his run of Superman/Batman. I didn’t think Davis’ transformation made any sense, though. His power is to evolve protective measures after being attacked. What attack prompted the transformation? And was that the Persuader I saw in the previews for when the show comes back next year? Must be part of the Legion of Superheroes storyline.

"Dude, you’re confusing reality with porn again."

So we’ve got demons, we’ve got angels, and we’ve got fallen angels. Sam is shacking up with a demon. Will Dean and Anna end up together? Oh, nevermind. I think Dean won in the bagging-spiritual-beings contest. Holy crap that was a heavy ending. No wonder Dean drinks all the time now.

"I will smack your face off of your face."

Are there people out there like this, people who act on every insane idea that pops into their head?

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