Monday, December 1, 2008

Michelob Irish Red (Beer Review)

From the website:
"Toasted caramel malt produces the signature ruby color of this medium-bodied ale. Distinguished by its exceptional balance, Irish Red Ale possesses a slight sweetness that yields to a clean, dry finish."

Budweiser has put out it’s American Ale, and I’ve heard it’s pretty good. But I’ve always thought that Michelob was the higher end of your common American breweries. So when they came out with a sampler pack of their new premium beers, I snapped it up. Like the last time I bought a sampler, all of my next five reviews will be of Michelob beers.

The first thing you do with this beer is hold it up to the light. It’s a deep translucent amber color. Beautiful, really. The aroma is pretty unremarkable. It’s nice, but it’s just beer smell.

Taste-wise, it’s just decent. It’s a pretty weak beer with very little taste and almost no aftertaste. So far I’ve not got much hope for the rest of the pack.

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