Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Nov. 19, 2008 (Mini Series)

Avengers/Invaders #6

I never realized LMDs were so prevalent in Shield. I knew Fury used them and he convinced Maria Hill to use them, but ALL of the soldiers on the helicarrier were LMDs? I also thought LMDs were programmed to actually believe they were human, no matter what. Is this a new version with a sophisticated AI that allowed them to know that they were robots, or are we looking at some sloppy writing? I can almost buy the Torch leading this rebellion, but I honestly would have thought, with the version of LMD I was familiar with, the whole thing would have blown up in his face. And he’s powerful enough to take out the Sentry? He seems to be too easy lately. The Skrulls attack him with words, Torch gets him really hot...what good is he? Despite the problems I had with the story, I loved the art, from the cover to the interiors.

Ender’s Game: Battle School #2

I thought this issue did a great job of showcasing Ender’s brains, but less of a stellar job isolating him. I seem to remember more of that in the book, although it’s been about a decade since I last read the book, so I may be misremembering things. I think I’m going to have to reread the books once this mini is over...and I’m done with the book I’m currently reading...and I’m done with the books I’ve got next in line. But after all that, I’m all over these Ender books again, and I’ll hopefully be able to pick up the Shadow books.

Greatest Hits #3

This is a decent story, doing a sort of E! True Hollywood Story type of show around a group of superheroes. The group is set up like a British invasion rock group, and they’ve got their own reporter/cameraman. This issue shows the turmoil in the group, right before what would seem to be the break-up of the group. The son of the group’s reporter finds some never-before-seen footage of the group in space and learns of a cover-up of some kind. I guess we’ll learn what that is next issue. Tichman doesn’t really get you to connect with any of the characters, even Archie’s son. It’s just interesting to see what’s going on past what the public would have seen going on with these characters.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #7

This penultimate issue is mostly talking heads, with a bit of battle at the end. It sets us up for next issue, which is sure to be a grand battle between the Aberrant Six, Lady Styx, and Synnar. Adam Strange has a couple of plans running, and everybody else just goes along with it. I guess that makes him the Batman of space. I wonder if this is going to have any sort of impact on Final Crisis, just as Rann-Thanagar War had an impact on Infinite Crisis.

Tangent: Superman’s Reign #9

I usually always enjoy alternate reality ideas more than the executions, but it’s often interesting when the "real" world meets and alternate. This has been pretty decent, even if Jurgens keeps up with Batman-is-God. I agree that he’s a master planner, but it would be refreshing to see him make a mistake or to have someone else step up as leader. I think I’ve been enjoying the back-up stories more since I never read the original Tangent stories. These get me caught up on everyone’s origin.

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