Thursday, November 6, 2008

TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Oct. 26, 2008 Pt. 1

"Yeah, well, I’m not double jointed. I just don’t like to complain."

It’s the pilot that I didn’t get a chance to watch before. The girl who plays his daughter isn’t the girl who plays his daughter now. She was the first daughter on Kelsey Grammar’s show last season, and was eventually replaced. I’d take that pretty hard if I were her.

What are the chances that Andy Dufresne owns and runs the hotel that the soldiers are staying at? You can look up the name, or email me and I might tell you the connection. I’m glad we’re finally getting down to what’s going on the unit’s new town. You can only tease us so long before we just leave.

"It’s not polite to spy, Chuck."

Yay! Buster Bluth is back on TV! I liked him on Andy Richter’s show last year, but it was Andy Richter’s show, so its cancellation was inevitable. I think this show is my new Las Vegas. Cheesy as hell, but extremely fun to watch.

"I don’t need any doors opened. I plan on kicking them down."

So just like that Gabriel is able to walk out of Level 5? Okay, maybe I’m starting to see a little of what people are starting to say about this season. It’s like they’re trying to cram so much stuff into the handful of episodes we’ve seen, and by doing so they’re sacrificing storyline and/or character credibility. The Sylar to Gabriel transition was too easy. Mohinder’s transformation seemed quick, but lately we’ve seen nothing about it, as if it’s stalled.

Good episode. I’m enjoying the play between Edward and Henry, especially the action vs. consequence. Edward definitely has the upper hand on the consequences (sleeping with Henry’s wife, buying the $2,000 dress, etc.) and pretty much nullifies anything Henry attempts (got back the watch, didn’t he?), but I’m guessing Henry will probably start getting the upper hand.

Four episodes left? They’re stretching this out four more episodes? Besides the fates of the remaining strike force members and Dutch’s fascination with the teenage future serial killer, what’s left? The writers gave up on Julian, they gave up on his hot partner, they wrote off Dani. Claudette is still sick, but how sick and will she last four more episodes? Will Billings ever find a get-rich-quick scheme that works? I guess there’s still the ICE investigation going on, and Aceveda’s story needs to have an ending, so there’s that, too. I guess there is four more episodes worth of stories to tell.

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