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TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Oct. 19, 2008 Pt. 1

This show’s been on, what, 20 years now? And they haven’t done this switcheroo scenario yet? I think my favorite part was when the little vacuum robots ate Hans Moleman.

The European See and Say was great. I was actually surprised at how reserved they were with Jewish jokes. The writers usually take everything too far, but any jokes were actually tasteful. And I expected them to parody Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but they went for Back to the Future. Excellent. The dig at the current war was also good. We also got a little bit of Top Gun, and some Flash Gordon. Oh, and there’s the Indiana Jones clip, but Temple of Doom instead. I thought the McCain/Palin dig was a bit harsh. All in all, though, a funny episode.

I’m glad CBS has this online. Otherwise I’d miss half of it for football pre-empting. Another great episode. The wives’ ongoing relocation struggles are very interesting. It’ll be interesting to finally see what’s going on with them. And as for the men, well, I guess they can’t win them all. It doesn’t make you think too fondly of the fat cats on Capitol Hill.

I love all the comic book references in this show. And they’re very accurate. New comic book day IS Wednesday! We’re getting some good Sheldon episodes this season. I guess now that the Penny/Leonard thing has come and gone, other cast members can shine a little brighter. And Kaley Cuoco is gorgeous. And such a better actress (or the writing is just better, which I’m leaning toward) than in 8 Simple Rules.

Ooooh, a bit of Sarah’s, or should I say Jenny’s, history is revealed. Plus, we get a shower fight scene between her and Nicole Ritchie. Did everyone catch the little jab at Paris in the episode? It was early on.

Jason Jones? I think he’s great on The Daily Show, but he’s just not doing it for me here as Stella’s ex. Show of hands, who invited their ex to their wedding? The husband of my ex was one of my groomsmen. Would have been kind of rude not to invite her. No unresolved issues there though, so no hurt feelings and no Angie running off with the father of her daughter.

I was really hoping that Sarah would take that cord and beat the hell out of what’s-her-name. But the knife to the throat was a nice touch. But holy crap I didn’t see that capture coming. That was frickin’ awesome. And Mahoney just wailed on him. Again, frickin’ awesome. Michael staying behind, though, well...he’s a better man than me. I would have just let the traitor bleed out alone.

"High five, Turtle."

Apparently I’m the only person at work who likes this season. I don’t get it. I guess I could read reviews online or actually listen to my friends gripe, but unless there’s some glaring plot hole or some blistering inconsistency, I’m enjoying the show for pure entertainment value. Watching these new people with new powers, trying to guess the twists and the turns, seeing the characters evolve (whether viewers agree with that evolution or not). All in all, I’m not in agreement with the characters that have seemingly switched allegiances. I’m more-or-less okay with Peter. Nathan’s goody-two-shoes routine seems false. Sylar’s change I can buy in the future, but he’s gone too sweet too soon. I would think Shuresh would be almost disgusted with how he’s been acting. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Hiro and Ando this episode while they were trying to capture the precog. What did Claire hit the marionette guy with, a hackey sack? And it looks like Papa Patrelli has Peter’s power, but an earlier version of it. He has to actually drain the power from the individual, while Peter can just copy it. Very, very interesting.

"You’re welcome."

I’m liking the acting, enjoying the stories, but a friend actually made me think about the show (something I really can’t do with all the crap going on right now), and now I can’t watch it without thinking about how flawed the premise is. Why did they do this to Edward? What’s the point? Sure, it does make for interesting stories, especially the intimate rendezvous with the wife, but Just give the guy a cover. Edward can protect himself so much better than Henry. Whatever. I guess I need to Google "The Hummingbird."

"This is upsetting because it is the friendliest of fruits."

Sometimes you gotta wonder if there really are companies out there like this, ones that do "scientific"" trials on unsuspecting people. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, so I’m not one to actively dwell on this or give it too much thought, but sometimes you just gotta wonder.

Okay, Brolin’s character unknowingly calling out Munch about moon landing deniers was priceless.

"I wouldn’t want to piss off Jesus on top of everyone else."

Holy shit, Shane is royally fucked. And Vic’s house of cards is slowly, slowly tumbling down.

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My Own Worst Enema said...

If you you like "My Own Worst Enemy" then take this as as comfort in the shitty plot....fanboys are saying it is to protect the company and if he doesn't know anything, as Henry, then he won't talk about the company or Edward. I call BS. It is a crappy plot and I have already wrote it off. I had high hopes for this one too. Oh well. I have plenty of other TV to suck my brain out.