Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Nov. 9, 2008 Pt. 1

"That’s your trouser devil talking."
"He’s not talking, he’s yelling."

Fourth of July weekend? Really? I’m getting bored with the show. The best part was when Bart and Lisa were acting like an old married couple.
"I’m Peter Griffin, and I am the Greatest American Hero. My special power is being somehow memorable after a very short run on TV."

The Lincoln bit was priceless, and the Jackass stuff was pretty funny. Mumm-Ra, right out of left field, just what I like about this show.

Holy crap, I knew these guys were hard-core, but I didn’t realize they had a code of killing an officer who was found sleeping with one of their wives. This was a fierce, fierce episode. The kidnapping, Betsy consciously leaving a blood trail, Col. Ryan getting injected with radiation and getting taken hostage, Jonah going postal on the Bedouin roadblock, and Molly haranguing the shit out of Tiffy. This show just doesn’t stop, and that’s why it’s one of my favorite dramas.

"Oh, c’mon. Everybody loves lolcats ‘cause they’re cute and can’t spell...’cause they’re cats."

I do! I do love icanhascheezburger! I’ve even got a link to it on the right side of the page. And I will say this every week: Kaley Cuoco is gorgeous. And you know, the writing is so good on this show, I actually buy it that her character would hang out with these guys.

So it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Jordana Brewster, that’s a good thing. It should make for some interesting confrontation between her and Sarah. And Chuck is really getting screwed over by the CIA this year. I’m thinking that’ll have ramifications by the end of the season.

Eh, just a so-so episode. I didn’t even think any quotes were good enough to pull out. As usual, Barney’s scenes seemed to be the best. Lily wasn’t cute as a baby, she was just pitiful.

Had Bellick died in either of the previous two seasons, I’m doubting any of the other characters would have given him a second thought. But he really stepped up this season. Heck, even T-Bag almost got weepy. I’m surprised that hot secretary chick is actually an FBI agent. So Don already knew that that organization had something to do with the Company? Hey, whatever, as long as we get to see more of the secretary.

"I lied. It’s not your mother’s recipe."

Okay, so my timeline for this show is all messed up. How long has it been from the first episode to the present? It couldn’t be all that long if a year ago Claire’s birth mom (who happens to be the sister of blue flame guy) was caught by the Company, but by the time we get to the middle of the first season, she’s not in custody. Ah, that’s why. At first I was thinking that she started the fire that Claire pulled the guy out of in the first episode, but that’s the wrong timeline. No, no, no. By the time Claire saved the guy from the train fire, Nathan’s dad was already dead...wasn’t he? Well, I am enjoying the symmetry between this episode and the various scenes from the first season. I wasn’t expecting the ending, though. African dream-time guy is killed by Arthur, who now has Hiro in his clutches...literally.

Good episode with Henry and Edward’s problem about to be found out. We also meet another agent, and we found out what happened when an agent is terminated. I think we also found out what Henry/Edward may have in their future family-wise if they aren’t extremely careful. I also thought the son’s bo staff fight was pretty damn cool.

"I’d be willing to try, but not here. My breath is atrocious."

This was an excellent episode. The parasite around Loeb’s heart was extremely creepy looking, like a giant centipede. Bishop’s fascination with his breath, talking with the dead guy and Peter remembering that his dad experimented on him when he was a kid, all excellent touches. I like the multiple uses for mind altering drugs they’ve come up with, and I love just how insane and smart Bishop is. I think I already like this more than I liked the X-Files.

Okay, these actresses playing the pregnant girls are great; I want to smack all of them, multiple times, about the face and head. I usually think these pulled from the headlines stories are giant schlock fests, nothing more than ways to get people to watch so they can say, "Hey! I remember that!" But this one was pretty good. It was pretty heartbreaking, not just for the needless death, but for the attitudes of the girls who were in the pregnancy pact, and for Tina, who ended up with both her brother and mother in jail. But there was still a bit of light at the end, as the baby’s grandfather wanted to take her in rather than see her and the baby go into foster care. Really, one of the better SVU episode in a long time.

Oh the tangled webs we weave. Everybody’s machinations are coming unglued. Everything is building and building and building until it’s all going to come crashing down around EVERYONE.

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