Monday, November 17, 2008

TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Nov. 2, 2008 Pt. 2

"Whoa! Jeez! Hey, Bones, you know you almost lit my butt on fire?"

As much as I miss what’s-his-name, I’m enjoying watching all of the interns. That girl crushing the skull was priceless! But at least some good came from her short internship. Now Sweets has got himself a lady friend!

"Things fall apart, even when they seem perfect. Love changes to hate, hate to repulsion, repulsion to lust, lust to revenge, then fun, then sad. It’s awful."

Is there anyone in this show who ISN’T somehow screwed up?

"You’re gonna sit around and wonder what it’s like to have boobs."

"Yes I am. I’d use them for evil."

I loved the Friends references. That’s a show I can watch at any time and laugh, no matter how many times I’ve seen the episode. Okay, raise your hand if you DIDN’T think that Roy was Vanessa’s ex. Very obvious, but funny as hell when Gary found out.

"That’s right. TV’s Ponch, from CHiPs. He’s being very well compensated."

It’s a cop show, but it doesn’t seem like a cop show. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. After all the Law and Orders and CSIs, this is a welcome breath of fresh air. This episode, we get just a tiny bit closer to finding out who set up Cruz all while figuring out who killed a multi-millionaire. I’ve heard that a lot of lottery winners end up actually filing for bankruptcy within a few years. I’m sure a support group would be very beneficial.

Holy crap that ATF agent got her faced SMASHED. This episode seemed to be a bit of an appetizer to next week’s raid of the clubhouse.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of the uber-wealthy. This show would fit in well with the daytime soaps. The lies, the deception, the twists, the love, the’s all there. So Lucy Liu was actually working for Blair Underwood’s character, while Karen was spying for her father. But it doesn’t matter, they’re getting married! But wait! The youngest Darling boy was sleeping with Liu in order to get Letitia’s case thrown out. It’s just too bad that the two fell in love. And Lisa and Nick are splitting up, because Nick still loves Karen! What will happen to the wedding?

Oh, I get it now. Doomsday is going to be Zod’s son. That’s a pretty clever twist. There, I’ve finally said something good about the show. I hope they don’t go all "tortured villain" with Doomsday. I want to see Clark put to the test. I want their battle to actually resonate through Smallville, destroying parts of it like the comic battle destroyed Metropolis.

"Women? Showers? We gotta save these people."

"Kneel before Todd!"

Yeah, I had to do two quotes this week. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a pretty big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. When Supernatural first started, I was thinking it was a good successor to Buffy. Now, though, I’m thinking it’s surpassed Buffy. Giant, talking, alcoholic, porn-obsessed teddy bears, well, that ranks right up there with puppet Angel. While Buffy had a couple of really good actors, this show has an overall better talent pool. And the writing is more natural, whereas Joss and the gang on Buffy tried to be hip and clever. Granted, that was a lot of the charm, but it didn’t ring as true as this does. The boys act like brothers, and the friends they’ve run into during the past few years actually seem like friends rather than a random assortment of people thrown together. This episode was crazy funny, but it still managed to be poignant at the end.

Yeah, there’s nothing worth commenting about this show any more. It’s good acting, but it’s same-old same-old.

"Comanaprasil? May cause dizziness, sexual nightmares and sleep crime."

Funny things: Comanaprasil, the fake Olympic sports, anything that Tracy says, Liz talking to Oprah while drugged, and just about anything that Kenneth says. It’s almost like the writers of the show write random hilarious scenes, connect the dots to make them into a coherent show, and it works.

"Why does he keep spitting in my mouth? Who is this man?"

It’s difficult to comment on this show. It’s so ridiculous, so over the top. All that story and they only claim to be tangentially responsible for the cracking of the Liberty Bell. The headless horseman was a nice touch

"That’s what she said. That’s what she said! That’s what she said!"

I think Jim is going to suggest moving to New York. It’s either that or they end up breaking up, which I don’t see happening and don’t want to see happen. Poor Andy, he’s so oblivious to his sham of a relationship. And Dwight was classic with his paranoia and his subsequent celebrating.

I’m so bored with the actual cops and robbers stuff. This episode sees Sam singing a Vanilla Ice song to avoid getting shot, and Whoopie Goldberg as a soul sistah DJ. Yawn. Now, the ending at the church was good. So what do we think is going on? Coma? Purgatory?

What’s the point of the quotes at the beginning? They’re about as annoying as Mohinder bookending each episode of Heroes. This was a good episode, and it set up the next one very well. Although I don’t know her name, it’s always great to see the woman who plays Reed’s mom. I’m used to seeing her in comedies, but she does drama very well.

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Angela said...

Isn't it Dr. Reid? Anyways - I agree - good episode - behind the dryer scenes are creepy!

Rob Rosenblatt said...

You're probably right. I don't know if I've ever seen it written out.