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TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Sept. 28, 2008 Pt. 1

Twentieth season premiere. Really? Two-thirds of my life? Wow. I liked the Jackie Brown reference, and I was originally wondering if many people would get the reference, but the main audience demographic is probably around my age or older. I haven’t been thoroughly excited about the Simpsons for a few years now, but I do get a good chuckle out of at least one scene per episode. This one it was when Homer was in the elevator and jumping off the walls. That gave me a good chuckle.

I love this show. I love laughing at all the uncomfortable jokes that it makes me laugh at. I love laughing at all the drawn-out moments, moments where my wife walks through the room, stares at me for a bit, shakes her head, then walks back out. The best part of this episode was probably the entire Snoopy scene. Good fun.

This show is awesome. Everything about it is badass, even, or especially, the wives. Not being a military person or knowing anything about Special Forces, I have no knowledge as to how accurate it might be, but it is awesome as hell. I was a bit confused about who was being targeted in this episode. Were the sitting Vice President and the recently elected Vice President both killed, and the team was searching for the recently elected President? Ah, screw it. The tactics were awesome, the new girl was awesome, the bad guys were apparently awesome if they were able to successfully eliminate a few targets plus various family members, and the wives were awesome. I just wish DVR was able to anticipate the running time of football games, ‘cause I missed the last handful of minutes of the show, and as of this writing it’s not on

Oh, such funniness. But as much as I like Adam Baldwin, he’ll always be Jayne to me. If you haven’t seen Firefly, give it a chance. It’s only 13 episodes. This show is so corny, but it’s corny in a wonderfully written way that is compelling and endearing.

I think Kaley Cuoco lost some weight over the summer break. She’s not crazy skinny, but I liked her last year. She looked real. Anyways, so her date in the episode, that was Elliot’s boyfriend from Scrubs, right? I’m assuming he’ll be a recurring character. I doubt he’d do such a small role in one episode after a decent run on such a popular show. I loved the idea of Spock being at the Renaissance Fair. I’m glad they didn’t stick with the nerd/hot girl relationship. The awkwardness works better for me as a viewer.

Eh, it was okay. The best parts were Regis, and Barney describing all the burgers he ate. And Robin’s last one was hilarious in an out-of-context dirty way. Y’know, I think this would be funnier if Ted and Robin were given a smaller role, Marshall and Lily were the same, and Barney’s role was extended. C’mon, who DOESN’T like Barney the best? And my wife almost got sick (well, sicker, she wasn’t having a good day) from all the close-ups of Marshall eating.

What an uncomfortable show. It’s like British sitcom uncomfortable, but with a smidge more humor...yes, humor, not humour. And that’s the sarcastic blonde from Best Week Ever? That’s funny. From Best Week Ever to Worst Week. Ah, it’s always nice to watch other people make bigger fools in front of their in-laws. I hope this lasts.

So the good guys turning into bad guys, which I did call last week, has already started. That is if you’ve considered Nathan and Peter’s mom to be on the side of angels, which was always debatable. I guess we already knew that she’d do anything for her children, and I think we found out early on that anything really does mean anything. Okay, so Tracy didn’t know about her power? I guess that makes since if she’s a relatively new personality of Nikki. And it looks like Peter’s personality has totally replaced Jesse’s. Does that mean Jesse is dead? And do we know what his power is? Wow, Sylar and Noah as partners? That would be an AWESOME buddy cop movie. And oh crap I think I’m going to enjoy it. Are they starting to run out of powers already? Matt’s African guide sees the future in his art. Eh, I wasn’t all that impressed with it in the first season. At least he’s channeling the spirit of Tim Sale, so there’s some consistency. There’s another sister, not another personality. Separated at birth. I wonder if we’ll see Micah again. I’ve got a friend who is incredibly gung ho about a character called Wireless, who was in a couple of episodes in the first season and apparently was a fixture on the website. I have no idea why he’s fixated on her. I would assume that with Micah around, though, she became redundant. But I digress. I never expect to have questions that are raised in one episode also be answered. So we found out about Jesse and Peter. We found out about Tracy (and 15 seconds before Dr. Zimmerman said he created her, when he called her...Dharma? hit me: clones). We saw that Sylar isn’t trying all that hard to be a good guy. We found out what mission the Haitian was on. Oh, I’m looking forward to next week, if only to see Sylar in an apron.

Wow, it’s like Ocean’s 14, but with a direct-to-DVD cast. Last year, Gretchen never seemed like she was that tough. She always seemed to be putting on a brave face. Hell, she didn’t even really kill Sarah (which I still don’t buy). It’s hard to imagine her as Jack Bauer. It was a pretty average episode; no other comments.

Summer Glau is beautiful. I’ve seen her in three other things: Firefly, The Unit, and one episode of Angel. Totally different characters in each show, and excellent in all of them. I hate to say that I’ve liked her Terminator the least, but this season is redeeming her a bit. I understand that the Pinocchio bit has been done to death with robots, but this season’s developments might be throwing an interesting spin on this theme. And I don’t care what she looks like now, I still find Shirley Manson’s accent to be incredibly sexy. Sarah, as a test to see if you read this blog, I want a picture of zebras when you come back from Tanzania. Is it just me or does Jody, the girl who was with Cameron the entire episode, look a bit like Linda Hamilton. Kind of freaky.

Out of all of last year’s new shows, I wouldn’t have figured this one would make it to season two. I’m glad it did. I really enjoyed it, and Adam Arkin is usually always great in whatever he’s in. And I’m glad Donal Logue joined the cast. I really liked Grounded for Life and moderately liked his sitcom from last year. There are so many cop shows on TV. I think it’s amazing when a new one shows up and sets itself apart from the others. This one has one major gimmick (cop accused of murder and wrongly imprisoned for 12 years) which leads to humorous affectations (is almost always seen with fresh fruit and has a very Zen demeanor). That’s what sets him apart from other detectives. Also, with the number of cop shows on, it’s hard to shock the viewer with the type of case being investigated. So again, it’s the detectives’ personalities and methods that make one show more appealing than another.

Can people actually be so crass about rape? That opening was awful, and why did the father not jump across the table and squeeze that lawyer’s neck until his head popped off? I think Jerry and his blonde office mate have surpassed Denny and Alan as my favorite characters. She’s very pretty with a nice accent, and he’s...lovable. It’s these lesser-named characters that actually show any character growth or development. Everyone else just stays the same. This episodes sermons: voting age, big pharmaceutical, and rape at a private rehabilitation detention center (prison). The acting is still great, but the stories are just ho hum.

The beginning could have been right out of an X-Files episode. And really, I don’t know how to comment on this show. It’s too out there. It's awesome, and I love the scientist, but it's so difficult to comment on. I'm sitting here and I'm trying, but it just isn't working. All I can say right now is that it's a great show.

This one was disturbing, to say the least. The pedophile episodes never really hit home with me until I had kids. Now it just turns my stomach. And this episode had "good" pedophiles, ones who look but don’t touch. Gah, I’m getting nauseas just writing about it. Almost everything the episode’s main suspect said made me want to watch Stabler just rip him apart. Is that good acting, good writing, or just knowing your audience?

For me, the meat of this episode was the very end when Vic confronted the lady fed. If she’s playing Vic, she’s a great actor. And if she is, he’s screwed. But even if she’s on the up-and-up, though, will the Strike Team (or what’s left of it) actually be able to walk away from everything unscathed? I can see Ronnie walking away. It’s the quiet ones you always have to watch out for.

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