Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Aug. 31, 2008

Since I’m a week behind on TV reviews, I’m going to keep these as short as possible. If you’d like, I’d be happy to discuss various aspects of the episodes in greater length and detail through the comments section.


It’s a treat when you can watch an actor grow and evolve in their craft. After a few smaller roles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was David Boreanaz’s big break. He was there for three seasons, his own spin-off for five seasons, and a year after Angel ended he starred on Bones. This was the fourth season premiere, and watching Boreanaz now after re-watching the first season of Buffy a few months ago, the change is huge. He’s so casual and easy now, where at first he was just awkward. All in all, there was nothing spectacular that would differentiate this season premiere from any normal episode. Angela finally got divorced but then broke up with Hodges, and Booth and Bones spent the two hours in England. There are seeds planted for Booth and Bones to hook up, but I don’t think that would be good. I think it would ruin the dynamic of their partnership. Eh, we’ll see.

The Shield

Loved it...although I could scarcely remember what had happened last season. Talking with a couple of friends who are also fans of the show, we were having trouble remember which big events happened in what season. While there are certainly advantages to having a season run straight through with no reruns, that makes the season rather short with a longer time between. I started the episode about five minutes in, when Vic and Ronnie were giving it to Shane. Because I hadn’t seen the "Previously on the Shield," which I ended up watching on the repeat immediately following the premiere, everything I needed to remember from previous season were very cloudy. That doesn’t mean I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it, though. Everybody was true to form. Vic was angry and manipulative. Shane was a snake. Claudette was trying to keep everything running smoothly. Dutch was...well, Dutch. And Billings was a weasel. It looks like we’re in for a great season. We started off with two gang-bangers dragged from the back of a truck to mark territory, and Shane hacked of the feet of a dead man with an will they top that? I can’t wait to find out.

Prison Break

I like the premise this year, that they’ve got to break into a handful of places rather than out of a prison. Who says the plot of the show has to be reflected in its title? I also like the fact that Sarah is alive. I don’t buy it, but I like it. Linc didn’t notice that the head in the box wasn’t her? Really? Whatever. It never was a believable show, but it was fun (moreso in the first season than in the second), so I’ll be watching every week.

Sons of Anarchy

It was a tiny part of the episode, but I’m wondering if, with this show, if FX is trying to tie all of their shows together in a shared universe. One of the major gangs from The Shield, the One-Niners, shows up here. Might we see a crossover at some point? Hmm. Anyways, as with all of the shows I’ve watched from FX, I enjoyed it. FX has a knack for making a great show around bad guys and having them somewhat sympathetic. Katy Segal, or rather her character, surprised me, and I always enjoy Ron Perlman. And poor Drea de Matteo...either she gets killed off or her show gets cancelled. At least she had a decent run in Sopranos and Joey.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

One of the best pieces of news I heard regarding this season was the fact that Shirley Manson was joining the cast of this show. She was on my list. My LIST. You married guys, you know what I mean. Well, then I saw her. Wow, she looks rough. Had I not known it was her, I wouldn’t have thought it was her. But, that’s neither here nor there. The episode was good. Two things surprised me: 1) Manson was a T-1000. Could be awesome. 2) The other evil Terminator DIDN’T kill the FBI agent. What was up with that? The fact that Cameron professed her love to John didn't do much for me. Combine that with her deliberately changing her program peramaters and you've got something that intrigues me. All in all, not a bad season opener. I’m looking forward to what happens next.

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