Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Update Today

I know all of you (both of you?) were breathlessly waiting for today's TV reviews. Sorry, don't have 'em. I spent all day announcing at the Hendersonville Golden Invitational marching band competition. Had I been home I would have watched the few shows this week I missed, but alas, I didn't. I hope to get the reviews up tomorrow, along with a short write-up on HGI, and a bit of housecleaning, basically explaining what's going on with the page (what the links are on the right and why you should click on them, why I put up my beer list, etc.).

Also, if you have a request for something to be reviewed, whether it's a comic, a movie, a TV show, or a beer, please let me know. I've already gotten three recommendations for Burn Notice on USA, so I'm thinking about tracking down all the previously aired episodes.

So, new stuff up tomorrow.

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