Tuesday, September 23, 2008

21 (Movie Review)

I’m a Kevin Spacey fan, but who isn’t? The Usual Suspects is one of my top three favorite movies. I’ve never been a card player, though, and while I love math, I don’t have the brain for card counting, so the premise wasn’t doing it for me. We’re going on Kevin Spacey and overall good reviews for the movie, and that’s it.

Kate Bosworth is cute. Not beautiful, but cute, and I like that. She’s a good actress, too. And I’m glad she’s not the ultra-skinny, anorexic-looking thing she’s been lately. She and Jim Sturgess are believable as attractive brainiacs who fall for each other under weird circumstances. They’re not TOO pretty to make it somewhat believable.

The story was good, if not somewhat predictable. It doesn’t have a perfect ending, but it does have a very happy and satisfying one. This was by no means a spectacular movie, but it was enjoyable. It’s a good movie to watch if you’re having a lazy day about the house.

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